Urban Garden Farms

Urban Garden Farms is not "just another garden products reseller". 

We are growers ourselves, and offer products which we have found to be the very best products available.  Our goal is to make these products more readily available at best pricing for home gardeners and small-scale growers throughout the USA.

Urban Garden Farms is a national retailer for a number of distinct product lines.

We don't carry a wide range of products, however, the products that we offer are items that we think are the best available for the market segments we serve.  We are devoted to supplying top quality products for organic growers.  We only offer the products we use ourselves, that are of the highest quality available, and which we feel will provide the very best results.

For commercial growers, resellers, service professionals, and government agencies requiring larger material volumes, please visit: Organic AG Supply Company (OASCO).

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Featured Products

WormGold Plus - 8qt Bag

8 dry qt. Bag of Worm Gold Plus FUNDRAISER FOR: Woodbine Schools - LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY
$24.95 $21.95
Organic AG Products 15-1-1 Label

OAP Pure Protein Dry 15-1-1 (By the Pound)

Pure Protein Dry - Organic Fish Fertilizer Made From COD FISH HYDROLYSATE - Order by the Pound - Select preferred bag size where quantity is greater than the minimum bag size
$36.00 $32.00
Jackpot Fabric Grow Bag - 200 Gallon Squat

LNP-Jackpot-200S Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

200 Gallon SQUAT Jackpot Nursery Quality Fabric Grow Bags by Legacy Nursery Products - OASCO EXCLUSIVE!
From $38.25