Insect Frass

OASCO carries the LARGEST inventory of Enterra BSF Frass (Enterra Natural Fertilizer) in the USA! We purchase by FULL Truckloads, and provide the best pricing available.

Black Soldier Fly Frass is superior to worm castings in many ways.  It provides MUCH higher levels of NPK PLANT AVAILABLE nutrients (the highest of ANY organic material as far as we know), as well as higher levels of chitin and cellulose. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT WORM CASTINGS ARE NOT AN IMPORTANT PART OF ORGANIC INPUT MATERIAL SOIL FEEDING PROGRAMS! Our Gold-n-Frass Mix COMBINES the benefits of worm castings WITH insect frass, for what we consider is THE BEST ORGANIC INPUT MATERIAL AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET!  We recommend using both worm castings and insect frass for organic growing.

Millipede Frass coming soon!
Millipedes forage on decaying wood, making millipede frass an excellent fungal dominated input material.

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Enterra BSF Insect Frass - SAMPLE

ENT - BSF Insect Frass - Sample Bag

Enterra Natural Fertilizer (Insect Frass) is an OMRI-listed organic fertilizer made from the dried "frass" (black soldier fly larvae). Loaded with beneficial microbes, it has a 3-1-3 NPK and diverse micronutrient profile that promotes plant growth.
$40.00 $22.50
Gold-n-Frass Sample Material

Gold-n-Frass - Sample Bag

OASCO Gold-n-Frass Mix™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed soil amendment featuring super-high Chitin utilizer, and Cellulose degrader counts. This mix is made with WormGold Plus and Enterra Black Soldier Fly Insect Frass. Excellent base material for custom DIY compost tea recipes!
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MILLIPOO™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed compost soil amendment featuring super-high fungal counts as well as beneficial bacterial biology. 1/2 Cubic Foot Bag Shipped in USPS Large Flat Rate Box
$49.95 $42.95
Millipoo Sample Material

MILLIPOO - Sample Bag

MILLIPOO™ is a wide-spectrum biology packed compost soil amendment featuring super-high fungal counts.
Sample Material

OASCO Sample Material Assortment Pack

Sample Pack includes Enterra BSF Frass, Millipoo Millipede castings, Wormgold Plus worm castings, and Pure Protein Dry Hydrolyzed Fish