Bio Extraction - Compost Tea Brew Kits

Bio Extraction is the process of pushing water through an active media to extract the existing active biology.

Compost Tea Brewing is the process of aeration of water containing an active media to MULTIPLY the GOOD biology.

Multiplying Aerobic biology is desired. Anaerobic biology can be dangerous, as many of these type organisms are considered pathogenic. A good source of O2 is required for aerobic brewing. Our brewer/extractors insure the best aerobic mutiplication of biology for a high quality results.

OASCO Bio-Packs combine the benefits of Black Soldier Fly Frass and premium worm castings to achieve superior levels of both diverse beneficial biology, as well as extremely high chitin and cellulose degraders. Our Black Soldier Fly Frass contains 3x more biology, and 10x more chitin per volume than typical premium worm castings (on average).

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4 Gallon Mix Kit (4 pillows)

OA Mix Kit 4G Bio-Pillows

Mix Kit Pack of WormGold Solution/OA Bio-Pillows for WGS 4 Gallon Extractors (4 Pillows Total)
Picture of 25 Gallon Bio-Pack

25 Gallon Bio-Pack

25 Gallon Bio-Pack
Picture of 50 Gallon Bio-Pack

50 Gallon Bio-Pack

50 Gallon Bio-Pack
Picture of Compost Tea Booster Pack - Quarts

Compost Tea Booster Pack - Quarts

Compost tea Booster Pack includes liquid amendments to promote additional biology for compost tea brewing.
Reusable Nylon Mesh Bag - 12" x 12" - 200 micron

Nylon Reusable Mesh Bag - 12" x 12" - 200m

Commercial Grade 12" x 12 - Nylon reusable mesh bag/strainer for OASCO compost tea bio packs. Use one mesh bag for 25 or 50 Gallon brews, or two mesh bags for 125 gallon brews. 200 micron. Draw string top.