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SOS Granular Kelp Meal

Granular Kelp Meal - 40 lb. Bag

Granular Kelp Meal is derived from seaweed. It’s an excellent source of organic matter, NPK nutrients, and micronutrients (from seawater). It builds up the soil and improves water-holding capacity.
Super Plant Food

OAP - Super Plant Food (15-1-1)

4oz bag of Super Plant Food (aka Pure Protein Dry) brings the power of big agriculture to home gardener and plant enthusiast. The most cost effective, easy to use fertilizer on the market today and it is ORGANIC!
$18.95 $15.95
Organic AG Products 15-1-1 Label

OAP Pure Protein Dry 15-1-1 (By the Pound)

Pure Protein Dry - Organic Fish Fertilizer Made From COD FISH HYDROLYSATE - Order by the Pound - Select preferred bag size where quantity is greater than the minimum bag size
$36.00 $32.00
SOS Black Sea Kelp

SOS-Black Sea Kelp Product Info

Black Sea Kelp (1-1-17) Sea Kelp contains naturally occurring plant growth regulators, namely cytokinins, gibberellins, and indoles. In addition, Seaweed also contains achelating compound called mannitol, which naturally chelates micronutrients into forms that are readily available for plant use.
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SOS-Fish Hydrolysate

SOS-Fish Hydrolysate Product Info

Fish Hydrolysate - Liquid (2-3-1)
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Liquid Humate Plus

SOS-Liquid Humate Plus Product Info

Liquid Humate Plus Contains naturally-occurring rooting hormones • It increases the root mass and root length, also allows the plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently • Contains composted organic poultry manure extract
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Liquid Yucca Extract - Label

SOS-Liquid Yucca Extract Product Info

Yucca extract is cold-pressed for maximum biological activity
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